Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kids' First time Skating!

Took the kids to a birthday party today. It was the kids' first time skating! The skating rink was in Hudson. I had written down the directions the internet gave me, but It took us some strange way and I was calling everyone desperate to get there because Arnold gets so angry when he gets lost.. and doesnt want to ask anyone for help.. typical man. So right after I got off the phone, we were lucky enough to find the rd and only arrived 25 minutes late ;-)

We started out walking around with the kids and holding their hands, helping them get used to it. Caleb had the kiddie skates, and Brooke had thre regular skates, so she was having a hard time. She fell every 2 seconds! She held onto the railing the whole time there. Caleb on the other hand LOVED it. He ran off with another little boy and skated all over the place. When he fell he just laughed it off and got back up-- I was proud of him :) Then ARnold and I got on skates too. I used to skate alot but its been a LONG time. havent skated since I broke my tailbone skating when i was younger. That hurt! It was hard to get used to it again at first, I was all over the place. But soon I was gliding around, and it was so fun. Arnold on the other hand.. was having a hard time.. haha. He had a WIPEOUT, i mean he fell smack on the ground and grabbed the railing so I think his butt, back and arm are all sore right now. he said he couldnt believe how sore he was when we got done.. I told him I was fine! ;-)

After skating for awhile we all ate pizza and chips, and then had some cake. A girls that a lot of us know from a Moms group made it, and she makes the most beautiful and delicious cakes! It was a Pirate Party, so it was a huge treasure chest. (I included a pic) half was chocolate and half was vanilla. So good i ended up taking a piece to go ;-) Then the kids wanted to skate again. I went back out and I got a little too cocky and tried to take pics while skating.. thats when I nearly fell! I got embarassed and left the floor.. but at least i didnt actually fall! After the presents we had to go back and pick up Rachel. She had stayed with Arnolds parents since we knew she was too young to skate and we would have a hard time keeping up with her. It was a great time and I liked getting to see some friends I dont get to see that often! I think the kids are ready to go skating again soon (especially Caleb!)

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  1. Looks like fun! I want to take the boys sometime. I can sooo see Logan just diving right in and going all over the place. Chris is my more cautious one -- he plays it safe LOL.