Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautiful Sunday!

Was everyone loving yesterday's weather? Wow! It was so incredibly nice outside. We didnt even put the kids in coats when we left for church. We went to church, sane church we have been going to for the past several weeks and cant wait to join! It was the last week on a series of sermons about finances, and next week starts the series on relationships and marriages, I am really looking forward to that. After church we stopped by Bojanges to get some food and headed over the the park near our house. We ate at a picnic table and then let the kids play on the playground. Brooke and Caleb ran off and climbed and were sliding with the other kids there. Arnold took Rachel to swing. She loves it.. each time she swings up she says Weeeee. So cute :) After she swang, Rachel kept sticking her head up the slides trying to see what the big kids were doing.. had to move her because she almost got trampled a few times, poor kid :P She also sat in the sand and kept picking it up and watching it fall through her fingers.. its so sweet to watch an innocent child play, with no cares in the world! Must be nice :) After they had played for awhile we all took a walk around the track. Wish we would have brought the stroller, because after awhile Rachel was really holding us up.. the kid loves to walk with us but makes many stops... and lets face it, her little legs just cant carry her that fast! But the kids had fun, and it was just so nice to get to enjoy the beautiful weather. I cant wait until spring and its weather like that every day!

That evening Joanne had invited Jackie and I over to her house for a movie night.. she wanted to have one last get-together before Ben gets here and things get a little crazy for her :) I left a littler earlier, and met Jackie at Once Upon a Child. I sometimes am able to find things there, and sometimes not, just depends on the day. i didnt find anything for Brooke this time, but lucked out on Caleb, which surprised me because I have a hard time finding boy clothes I like. I found the cutest outfit, new with tags, and I also found a dressy top that im pretty sure is going to be part of his Easter outfit. It is blue and green.. now I am going to try to find the girls easter dresses with green in them and have them all match! That will be cute. Anyway, Jackie rode w/ me down to Joannes house and I was glad to have her company. Especially here lately, where I am still weaning off my anxiety meds and have times when i feel sort of anxious or jittery, and I dont like to be alone on the road. We got down there around 5pm.. just on time! The movie we watched was "Dirty Dancing." I know its INSANE but i have never seen it! I used to LOVE the soundtrack when I was a kid, and remember singing all the songs. Guess i just never got around to watching the movie, though. I loved it. Pretty sure I would though, because I love all movies w/ lots of dancing and good music. My favorites are Grease and Mama Mia ;) We had some pizza for dinner, and Joanne had gotten some "Eclipse" Valentines day cupcakes for dessert. They had the characters on them.. but no Jacob! Boooo.. thats the one i would have picked! They were still yummy though ;) After the movie we hung out and talked.. mostly about the kids.. never fails! I am so excited for Joanne.. only 11 more days before she goes into the hospital to have baby Ben! :)

So after a movie night w/ Arnold and the kids Friday night, a trip to Boone w/ my hubby saturday, and church, the park, and a movie night w/ friends on Sunday, its safe to say that was a pretty awesome weekend and I was sad to see it end! Its only Monday.. and rainy.. and I am already wishing that this weekend would hurry up and get here!

Movie Night

Yummy Eclipse Cupcakes

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