Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Trip to Boone!

Saturday Arnold and I went to Boone for the day, for our anniversary. Thats where we went for a few days for our honeymoon, so it was sentimental to go back, too ;-) We dropped the kids off around 10am then headed up the mtn. We had a gas giftcard that could be used at a Shell Station, and we figured we would find one on the way, but never saw one. Eventually our gas light came on, that REALLY bothers me, but Arnold is pretty laid back and he was calm. But as we went up the mtn. it made it worse and it got looow really quick. So we kept looking and looking for a gas station-- ANY gas station at this point and it wasnt looking good. At that point we were like PLEASE God let us make it into town! We barely did, and pulled into a Hess station and got some gas. I would have been mad if we had cut our day short waiting for a towtruck to pull us off the side of the mountain!

Anyway, we went to Applebees for lunch. We had wanted to go to the restaurant we went to on our honeymoon, Canyons, but we passed it while trying to find gas and didnt want to stop. So anyway, I had a chicken faijita rollup and Arnold had steak and shrimp.. even shared a few of the shrimp w/ me ;-) I felt silly snapping pictures of everything that day, some people were probably making fun of me, but i had to document our day! ;) After lunch we drove downtown and put some change in the parking meter, then walked around. We went to the Old General store and looked around, they had a lot of cute things in there. I thought about buying something but the line was pretty long. Outside on the sidewalk I dropped our camera.. Im glad its ok, I have the WORST luck with dropping things.. I know it bugs Arnold! Anyway, then we got back in the van and drove down to the Tanger Outlets to do a little shopping. They have a lot of great stores there-- Gap outlet, Gymboree Outlet, Carters Outlet, Osh Kosh Outlet, and some others.. But i was mostly there for the kid stuff! I got Caleb a new pair of guitar pjs (which he was so excited about by the way-- that kid loves clothes as much as a girl ;-) And i also picked up a few other things including another little outfit for Joannes baby thats due any day.. Im a sucker for tiny baby clothes! :) in Gymbroree I found Brooke a dress that will be perfect for Valentines day, and Rachel a watermelon romper for this summer-- i REALLY hope it fits by then, i guessed on the size. Too cute to pass up! We had a great time and I could have spent a LOT more money if i could have, believe me!

We had thought about going walking at a park or going to a movie, but it was still pretty cold up there (there was still snow on the ground!) and we didnt know where the closest movie theater was. So we just ended up going to the Boone Mall. I found some cute things in Old Navy-- they were having an awesome sale. New shoes for Rachel, and a hoodie that was on clearance. And a KEROPPI shirt for Brooke--i was SO excited! Remember the Sanrio characters.. there was a frog? Well that was my favorite character from my childhood and I still have a stuffed frog that I got when i was a kid. I was excited to see a shirt in Brookes size and had to get it for her-- says "Green is my favorite Color" and has Keroppi in the middle. Perfect shirt for my kid.. love how you can push your loves and interests on your kids when they are still young ;) Anyway, we also stopped by Walden Books.. I hate that the one at home closed! I found Dr Suess floor puzzles, that were after some of the popular books.. so cute! Picked up 2 of the Green Eggs and Ham puzzles.. one for Caleb (might save it for Easter-- is it crazy that im shopping that far ahead?!) and one for a birthday party gift.

Lastly we stopped by a chocolate shop.. they had lots of yummy looking treats in there. I love me some chocolate! Arnold and I were both browsing and trying to decide what to get. I picked a white chocolate pretzel.. it was $2 just for that, pretty pricy for what, all of 3 bites? But i figured what the heck, its a special day. And then I see my husband pick this square-shaped weird looking nut cluster bar thing? I have no way to describe it. Drizzled in caramel. Looked so gross. And then i saw the pricetag-- $6!! Ridiculous! The girl beside us' expression was priceless. Then she said "WHAT are you going to do with THAT?" LOL! that thing was huge. And Arnold enjoyed it at first but it was a lot of work. He said man am I going to have to have dental work after this-- it actually made his teeth hurt. Nice choice, honey ;-)

So around 3ish we headed down the mountain. About halfway home we realized that the radio wasnt even on! We had been actually *gasp* TALKING. we realized how easy it is to carry on a conversation when there arent 3 kids in the backseat screaming, whining, singing, asking a million questions.. you know how that goes. We were definately sad to see the day end. We were SO relaxed the whole day, and it was just an awesome time. Wish we could do that more often, but I wont hold my breath. Will have to wait for the next special occasion ;)

Getting dangerously low on gas!

Ready for lunch

he caught me laughing..

Downtown.. caught him in a weird look?


That nasty afternoon "treat"

Beautiful view! miss it already!

Stopped at the restaurant from our honeymoon. Just to take a pic :)

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