Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

I heard everyone talking about it on facebook.. about how much SNOW we were supposed to be getting. I usually stay in denial about it, because I dont like snow! *gasp* I know, its horrible isnt it? Well actually, I dont mind the actual snow FALLING down and watching it.. its so beautiful. And watching the kids get so excited over it is pretty great, too. But I hate the mess it makes and how I get trapped in the house when it snows alot! Being a stay-at-home-mom, I dont get out that much anyway, especially now that gas prices are crazier than ever. So when it snows and im stuck inside against my will I really hate it :( But anyway...

Last night we got a call that Brooke's school would be closed today. Thats the South for you! The second theres the slightest hint we might get any at all, all southerners run to the grocery store and pick up their milk and bread (what are you going to do with all that milk and bread, anyway?? milk sandwiches? ew. Id much rather have my sundrop and cookies.. which might be why I tend to gain weight in the Winter months?? ;-) Anyway, Arnold of course runs out to the store.. yes, he is a sweet husband like that and doesnt mind going to the store for me! And he gets our weekly groceries. Now we had FOOD and new books from the library the other day, so if we were to get snowed in, we were good ;-) And of course we got the phone call from Mom warning us of all the possible snow to come, and to be careful. MOm is one of those who is really scared of it, and wont drive anywhere until every drop is practically dried up (You know I love you Mom :) I went to bed hoping for the best and that everyone was wrong....

Then this morning I am woken up by Arnold hopping back into the bed. "Snow day!" he says. He told me to look outside and I did, and the ground was covered in the dreaded white stuff.. I just sighed and laid back down. Was thankful that Id have my hubby home for the day to help me wrangle 3 wild kids, though. When Brooke is out of school it is CHAOTIC around here. So we went through the day and it was ok I guess.. the kids fought and you could tell they were restless. But they were nice enough to take long naps this afternoon.. so Arnold and I were able to snuggle up and watch The Office and have chips and dip :) And yes the kids got to go out and play in the snow. Arnold is another who doesnt care for the snow-- or at least to stand out in the cold while his kids enthusiastically run around the yard and throw snow balls at each other. So i finally convinced him to take the kids, got them all bundled up, and they stayed out there for awhile. Brooke even cried when she had to come back in, that kid LOVES the outdoors.. she would live out there if she could. We did get alot done though, worked on de-cluttering Calebs room and Im THRILLED to say that nothing is in there now but his bed, furniture, clothes, and a few toys/books and random things like that. No more using his closet as extra storage!

Then again this evening, I got that dreaded call.. school is cancelled again tomorrow, for Brooke. I wasnt surprised. Just wonder how long this will go on this week? :)

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  1. I know Logan was restless today. We didn't go outside. We didn't get much snow here and honestly I hate going out in it. So if I can still see the tips of grass then that is not enough to even get dressed to go out in it lol. Im so ready for him to be back in school though...he loves school and I can tell he sometimes gets bored here no matter what he is doing.