Thursday, January 27, 2011

The No-so-Happy Stuff

I thought I would also post another list, of not-so-pleasant things! Can you tell I am a little bored today? Better write it before Brooke gets home, when things get crazy around here ;)

~Things that make me Not so Happy~

-finding crayon drawings on the wall
-having to change wet bed sheets
-an embarassing tantrum in the middle of a store
-snot, throwup, spit or any other bodily fluids
-someone I care about having a hard time
-weaning off medication
-people who drive wreckless on the roads, or cut you off
-Obama.. just sayin
-the gas prices right now.. crazy!
-the ugly "old-fashioned" coat Arnold insists on wearing. he loves it. i hate it!
-having an argument with Arnold
-foot cramps in the middle of the night
-having a stressful day with the kids
-crumbs all over the floor that I have to pick up
-People who talk like they have no sense.. Bad slang, etc
-when someone doesnt RSVP- just doesnt say anything at all!
-The smell of onions.. and onions in general
-That time of the month :-/
-burning my mouth on hot food
-uneven numbers (yeah I am weird)
-Popping bubbles (gum) I hate the sound
-When my pen dies in the middle of writing something
-medical bills
-paper cuts
-The Backyardigans.. I cannot stand the songs
-When i have a song stuck in my head when Im trying to sleep
-nightmares that seem SO real
-Losing someone I love

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