Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Dirty Little Secrets!

Saw this on a forum Im on and thought it was hilarious! And thought it would be a fun thing to blog about. Always feels good to get out all our "quirks" and "secrets." A light-hearted blog is just what I need w/ all the stress going on lately.

So.. here is a list of my confessions and Dirty Little Secrets!

*Sometimes i will watch kids' shows or movies when the kids arent around

*The kids have gotten candy before in goodybags or gifts before that I have not told them about and eaten myself :)

*Caleb still wears pullups overnight, and he is 3. I hate dealing with a wet bed!

*I saved all of my pregnancy tests-- I know some people find this gross!

*I have re-gifted before! *gasp!* If its something we have or couldnt use and someone else could, why not?

*I love looking at other "birth groups" besides my own, on, just because i love seeing new baby pictures!

*Im a tad bit sad I had all my kids at once. Now all my friends are finally getting pregnant and just starting out and Im sad I will never go through it again.

*I love love love JACOB from Twilight! I know he wasnt even legal when he made the 1st movie but boy the thoughts i had about him ;-)

*I have shoved dishes in the dishwasher to get them out of sight right before people came over, if i didnt get around to washing them yet

*I regret naming Caleb "Caleb." There are so many Calebs out there now and I know he will hear it all the time in school.

*Arnold does most of our cooking, because im a horrible cook. And i dont even feel bad about it! He doesnt mind ;-)

*Arnold likes to keep the heat at a certain temp, sometimes when he leaves for work i bump it up, then back down before he comes home :)

*I spent way too much on Christmas this past year. Half of the stuff the kids didnt even seem that impressed with!

*I am so forgetful and its common for me to forget to look the van doors

*I can put away a whole box of girl scout cookies pretty quick!

*Im obsessed with the Duggars. Id never have that many kids but i cant seem to pull myself away from watching that show!

*If backstreet boys or something else from my childhood comes on the radio i will blast it and sing!

*everytime i take off my clothes before a shower I stand there in front of the mirror and nitpick over my body.

*I cant even begin to count how many times i check my facebook every day

*I have some soda every single day. Ive tried to cut it out but every time i do I get bad headaches and give up.

*I let loose my first pregnancy and gained 42 lbs. Thats why i now have stretch marks and my stomach looks like a roadmap! haha

*It took me months to feel comfortable getting to my inlaw's house. i am that bad with directions. seriously.

*Ive played Brookes leapster, when she was asleep

*Some kids shows I dont mind watching-- I actually like "Arthur" haha

*I cried like a baby when Brooke had her 1st day of preschool. Arnold had to drag me out of the classroom.

*I have to get gas in even numbers or it upsets me. I keep pumping until i get the numbers even. I have a weird thing with eve numbers.

*I have a very hard time getting rid of things. Thats why im so cluttered. But i hope to change that!

*I once sort of flirted with a waiter at Chilis because he looked like one of the Hanson brothers!

*Speaking of Hanson, I went to their concert. When i was 22!



  1. LOL! You crack me up.
    That looks like fun. I might do it, too.

  2. If you enjoy Backstreet Boys you may like to know that they have a concert coming up with New Kids on The Block. lol

  3. lol : ) I can soooo relate to about 90% of this post : )

  4. I have a naughty secret that goes along with yours. If I have someone coming over and I've already pulled clothes out of the dryer (and put them on the kitchen table) but just haven't gotten around to folding them I will shove them back in the dryer just to get them out of sight.