Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Years "Resolutions"

I have made resolutions every year in the past and never really stuck with them. This year I have things I want to do and things I want to accomplish, but I will just try my best to work at them, one day at a time, and not put so much focus on the deadline or the finished product.

So here are some things Im really wanting to work on/accomplish in the year 2011..

**Get totally, 100% weaned off my anxiety meds. I stared last year, and it was a hard road. I have started the process again, as of yesterday. They make me feel like im in a fog and always so sedated and tired, Im ready to be normal again!

**Continue to work on my Marriage. Last year was a lot of ups and downs for Arnold and I. We love each other but we fought a lot, a lot of times over stupid things. Then we took a marriage class together, and it was a lifesaver for us. We learned so many new tecniques and ways to communicate with each other. Ive already seen a change in our marriage. We are very happy together!

**Be more Patient with my kids. I am a VERY impatient person. I hate lines, whining,and just waiting for anything in general. So when Im having one of those days where the kids want to push and push and really test me, I can hardly stand it. But I want to learn to take breathers and not be so quick to yell at them. I dont want them to remember me always saying NO or yelling their whole childhood.

**Get Healthy. Ideally Id LOVE to lose 50 lbs. Ive fluctuated so much throughout my 4 pregnancies in the last 7 years. I havent been at a truly healthy weight since my 1st year of college. I dont like looking at pictures of myself. And i want to have more energy! THe main thing though, is I want to be around for my husband and kids. I am at risk for heart disease--it runs in my biological family, and I know cutting back on fatty foods and exercising more will help me out. I want us to cook at home more too, as we have been known to eat out way too much in the past!!

**Get organized. I am a very cluttered person. I have a problem with saving EVERYTHING. I dont know why, im just sentimental. We have already started the process of cleaning lots of junk out of our house, and selling old clothes and toys that the kids dont use anymore. Its gotten me motivated to really get at it, and PURGE. a lot of this stuff we have in the house we just dont need! And I think wed be a lot happier if we had less clutter. And could find things easier!

**Continue to grow closer with God. With all ive been through this past year in a half-- I turned to God. And im so glad I did. IT has been a LONG and HARD road. I have gotten SO much closer to God. Out of the bad situations came a great thing-- a better relationship with him. I now pray more, think more about decisions, have a better marriage, and listen to a lot of Christian music. I feel uplifted and strength I used to never have! SO this year I want to read my Bible more regularly, and continue to pray more-- prayer works!

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