Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This morning I got up and started getting ready for my appt at the Cardiologist and Arnold got ready to take Brooke to school-- she was FINALLY getting to go back! 10 mins later he shows back up.. with brooke. He said that they had a 2-hr delay, but no one had gotten a phone call because the phone systems were messed up, and everyone had showed up on time and were told to go home. Poor Brooke was heartbroken and kept asking when she could go back.. she is very impatient-- guess she gets that from me!

Anyway, i finished getting ready then went to my appt. I went to see a Cardiologist about a year and a half ago with some problems with palpatations, it all started after I started having bad anxiety and taking the anxiety pills. Had to wear a holter for a day and they did a heart ultrasound (EKG) and the dr said that my heart had been weakened from the bloodclots i had had in my lungs, and it wasnt pumping blood as well as it should. So he wanted to see me back later in the year to get a repeat ultrasound to see if it was doing better. So thats what i was in for today. The ultrasound lady let me watch (last time i didnt) and it was strange because its seeing your own heartbeat flicker on the screen instead of your future son or daughter's, which is what im used to! ;-) But it was interesting to watch. And i watched my heartbeats go across the screen and a few times there were high spikes or weird squigglies, and she wrote down "palpatations" under the diagnosis. So they were finally able to track those things down on a report, which is good I guess since they never seem to happen when Im around a doctor. She said she cant say much since she is not the Dr, but that my pump output looks better, so that is good news! I have an appt with the dr on Thurs. to talk about the results and where to go from there. But so far i think its safe to say that my heart has strengthend up in the past year! :)

Just wanted to also post real quick that today my sweet little Woodchuck is 19 months old! Before you know it we will be having her 2-year birthday party, i cant believe it :-/ And we call her Woodchuck as a loving nickname because she has this smile where she scrunches up her nose and smiles real big and shows all her teeth.. its funny.. youd just have to see it! Anyway, i included a few pics of Rach..

Bath time!

Ready for the Snow

Sisterly Love :)

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