Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caleb & Rachel's Day Out

Every Wed. I take the Caleb and Rachel to the mall and walk laps with a few friends. A lot of people werent able to make it this week, but It was still fun. walked around with Amy and Katie, and got some exercise in. Caleb likes to walk and right beside the stroller and it always happens at LEAST once while we are there-- he slips and falls. Anyway, we stopped at a few stores to look around. Caleb now goes into stores and thinks he is entitled to a new thing every time.. like money really grows on trees or something! He picked up a cute pair of monster Pjs at the Baby Gap and started walking to the checkout, haha. I told him i wasnt going to get them that day and he got pretty upset. They WERE a great deal, but their pjs are like Oldnavy pjs where they are kindof tight around the wrists and ankles and hard to get on and off sometimes and thats frustrating. I promised him he could pick out a new pair of pjs soon. Later in Jc Penneys we met up with Michele.. she is a part of a Moms Group im in, and this was the first time i hang out with her. We walked some more and talked alot.. she was really easy to talk to. We then took the kids to play in the playarea. Every time we go there I am so nervous, especially this time of year because of all the germs. But the kids love it so much! I just hope they dont pick up anything because the flu or something like it would be the worst!

Around 15 till 12 I packed the kids back up in the van and we drove over to Jasons Deli to meet Lauryn and Grayson for lunch. I had never been in there before and i didnt know it was that big! We were there right in the middle of the lunch rush so I had to wait in along line.. Lauryn and I took turns sitting w/ the kids while the other one went to order food. I came back to the table and Rachel was eating some of lauryns soup. They had eaten alot of Grayson and her lunch.. i felt bad! Haha leave it to my kids to be the little beggars. Rachel sat on the side with Lauryn.. and I guess you could say she actually half-way behave. She loves Lauryn :) You should have seen the mess the kids made.. it was pretty bad! A lot of people looked our way several times, i dont think they knew what to think. Someone even asked Lauryn if Grayson and Rachel were twins :P But everyone knows that Rachel and Grayson are bf/gf and were on a lunch date.. thats the real reason we were there! ;-) After they finished eating they got some icecream. Rachel dug RIGHT in.. and got frustrated with the spoon so she just ended up sticking her fist in there and licking her hands.. made quite a mess and even ended up with icecream in her hair, but it was cute I guess. Anyway, lunch was pretty good and im sure ill have to go back soon with Arnold because hes been wanting to go.

After lunch Lauryn asked if we wanted to go over to Barnes and Noble. I didnt take Rachels stroller in and that was a BIG mistake! She went WILD in that store. She ran straight away from me and kept running down the aisles and I actually had to chase her. That was pretty embarassing :P Then we took them back to the kids' area to hang out and play. Caleb liked the train table but Rachel just kept dragging stuff down off the shelves that I had to keep putting back up. She started taking things to Grayson, in his stroller.. and he would hold on to them for her. Holding onto a girls' stuff for her.. sounds like he will be a good husband someday :) Rachel started playing with a cute little baby that was crawling around in the kids' area and started handing him things too. Lauryn and I started talking to his mom. Rachel knows no strangers I guess, she made a friend! :) Once again Caleb thought he deserved something so he picked up a Toy Story book with buttons that made noise and carried it around. When we were ready to leave I told him to put it up and he started whining. I tried my BEST to explain to him that you dont get something every time you go to the store, and that he might get a new book for Valentines day. But of course you cant reason with a 3-year old, so as we walked up to the checkout line and waited on Lauryn his whining turned into a full-fledged tantrum. It was so embarassing, I think i saw the woman behind me roll her eyes! I probably would have spanked him but i was holding Rachel, plus I didnt want to create a scene. So i just booked it out of there.

As soon as we got home and changed Rachel we were ready to go pick up Brooke. We usually dont stay out that long at one time, so Id say the kids did pretty well, considered. And im REALLY lucky that Rachel lasted that long in her diaper because I ran out of the house that morning and forgot her diaper bag..

Icecream smile!

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