Monday, January 31, 2011

The Boys got Haircuts

I have been bugging Arnold forever to cut his hair. He has had his hair all different kinds of ways.. long (when we first met) which was really, really cute.. but then he got mistaken for a woman once so that changed that! Buzzed short which is how i like it. completely bald (that freaked his family out) and in-between whch is when I call him a mushroom head! haha. He has so much hair, its so thick its crazy! It had gotten to that stage where its just unmanageable and all over the place and downright fluffy.. so he decided to cut it. He buzzed it down and i think it looks pretty good now. The kids watched him cut his hair and were really into it.. and then on a whim we decided to buzz calebs hair, too. He has never had a buzz cut, so im still getting used to the look. He looks a lot "tougher" and maybe a little older now, but its cute! He *really* looks like his Daddy now! After that hair-cutting session we were ALL covered in hair and had to take showers because we were itching.

Calebs hair Before

Getting the cut


Arnold starting the cut

After. I can see my hubbys face now :)

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