Sunday, January 2, 2011

Get Together at Grandpa Guy's

Every year we get together at my Grandpa's house for Christmas, to see my moms' side of the family. Mom has 3 siblings, and they all come in, and their kids. This year we did do it at the usual time because of the snow.. so it got changed to New Years day. We always have snack foods.. like lasanga, chips, pickles, eggrolls, cheese, fruit, cake, etc. And open small gifts and our stockings. THen just hang out and spend time talking with family. My Aunt Mary has 4 boys and the kids absolutely love them, and love playing with them, they are so sweet.. So they had a great time. This year my GRandpa brought out some old family pictures, and I looked through them, and let Arnold see some of the family. Always neat to see your mom as a teenager and little girl. And to see yourself as a baby, with aunts and uncles! And your dad with hair ;-)

Anyway, we hung out for a few hours and then Rachel went home w/ my parents and Brooke and Caleb went to my inlaws' house. Arnold and I had planned to go out to dinner by ourselves for his bday, and wouldnt you know our luck? I finally got a touch of that stomach bug and the cramps hit me BAD while we were out, and Arnold had to bring me home.. So that ruined our night! But at least we got a few hours peace, without the kids! We stopped by the video store to get a few rentals, and then picked up the kids. Today we watched one of the rentals-- "Despicable Me".. that was so great! Im glad so many people suggested we watch it!

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