Sunday, January 9, 2011

*The Weekend*

Saturday morning we got the kids ready and went to the library. We like to take them every 2-3 weeks and get them some new books to read. The kids go CRAZY over new books (I guess they got that from me) and ask me to read them over and over again. I know the repetition thing is big with preschool-age kids, and I guess I can see how it helps them learn. Caleb memorizes stuff so quickly it amazes me. He was singing a song the other day and i listened to him and said ok... I guess him wanting to watch the same things over and over and read the same books over and over helps him learn the words, which is a plus! He is hilarious, he came up to me the other day and said "I am Sam. And I dont like green eggs and Ham!" :) As you can tell we are a big fan of the Dr Suess books in this household! And then at the mall the other day I swear he told one of my friends "Buenos Dias!" So this child is now learning Spanish?? I told Arnold to gear up for 3 really smart kids in the future!!

Anyway, at lunch we went up to this place in Mtn View and got some BBQ for lunch. Arnold's Uncle Gene's sister was very sick and in the hospital for awhile, and she recently got to come home (Praise God!) and they had a BBQ fundraiser benefit for her. So we went up there and got some yummy BBQ sandwiches, drinks, and chips. We took the food home to eat- it was COLD out there and the winds were blowing like crazy. If we werent sick already... we probably got a touch of something this weekend!

Last night we decided to go on a date night, since Arnolds parents and my parents both said they would watch the kids. We dont get to go on many real date nights anymore.. its hard to find sitters for 3 kids under the age of 5! Most people go running when we even mention it.. Haha Just kidding, our parents are actually really great about it and I feel so blessed that they help us out like that and thankful that they live so close! Anyway, we dropped Rachel and Caleb off at the inlaws' and then took Brooke down to Conover to stay w/ my parents. We got out later than we had meant to, so we knew it was too late to try to go somewhere nice for dinner- everything would be packed on a Saturday night. After all, thats all there is to do in Hickory! :) So get this.. we went to Sonic! real romantic right? Arnold calls me his cheap date ;-) Now i love Sonic, dont get me wrong. I like their tots and their ice. Yeah... Im big on ice.. I have low levels of iron in my blood and sometimes crave it- and i have favorite kinds of ice! I am weird! :) After that we went to Target and I found myself browsing in the kids' section. Leave it to me to think about the kids the whole time we are on a date night ;-) I did find Brooke some pretty new shoes on clearance though, and there was just one left in her size-- score!! Then we went to Kohls-- My mom got some GC's for the kids for Christmas to get some clothes there, but they have SO many winter clothes already-- plus their stuff thats left is not much, so I may wait and get them Spring Clothes w/ the gcs. I did find 2 books on sale that i got them though, to add to that huge collection they already have ;-) They also had the books by Eric Carle (he wrote books like The Hungry Caterpillar and The Grouchy Ladybug) and the stuffed animals to match-- SO CUTE! Anyway, after all that we went back home.. not a very long date night but at least we got out ALONE together for awhile, and thats what matters :)

This morning we went to church. We have been attending Christ Church- the Faigrove Campus-- for awhile now.. we LOVE it there! We had to miss the last 2 weeks due to snow and sickness, so it felt so great to be back! I had a very good surprise, my great friend Jess said she wanted to come and visit, so she showed up and sat with us. I hope she liked the service! Afterwards we went to pick up the kids, and Caleb had stayed dry the whole time! I was so proud of him. We usually leave him in pullups while we go out, but we tried him in underwear today. I hope it keeps up, it will be so wonderful to have him FULLY potty-trained! :) After church we got some lunch and came home. Arnold and I have been working on getting more clutter out of this house and getting things organized. I am planning a girls' game night on Thursday and I want to have things in order when everyone comes over. We also got our weeks' groceries-- have to be stocked up for that "huge storm" we are going to get, of snow tomrorow :P

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend!