Saturday, January 15, 2011

Girls' Night!

Last Summer every month I was having a Girls' game night, where friends came over, everyone brought something to share, and we ate and played games. It was a great time to be with friends and away from the kids for awhile. I hadnt done it in awhile and decided to start it back up, so this past thursday we had game night! Arnold left and took the kids out-- he was going to go to the gym, but said the kids were acting awful, so he just drove around and they watched movies in the van.. the kids ended up watching Toy Story twice! I felt so bad... he said he came home 3 times and didnt know where to park so he left again. I told him he could have come in whenever!

Anyway, we had 7 girls total this time, and 2 babies and a kid. The kids seemed to have a fun time playing together, especially the babies :) We had some yummy foods.. I especially loved Lauryns pigs in blankets ;) And then we played this game called Headbanz that Crystin brought, where you wear a card of an object on your head and you cant see it but everyone else can, and you have to ask questions and try to guess what it is. SOme were pretty easy.. Lauryn got hers almost right away! But i had a hard time guessing mine. Then we ended up sitting around talking and laughing, the time really got away from me. I love spending time w/friends, especially after a long, hard week.. and with Brooke out of school that week and al the snow and stuff, i was ready for that! The neighbor even called and asked if everything was ok-- She said she saw a lot of cars in the driveway. I told her yeah. I just had some friends over. Seriously, do I never have people over?! haha.

Anyway, we ended up going from about 630 till almost 9. Arnold came home and was exhausted and we got the kids ready and put them to bed. I am planning next months' already.. its going to be on Feb. 21st! So you girls mark it down if you havent already ;-)

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