Monday, January 17, 2011


We have been going to Christ Church- Fairgrove campus for several weeks now and I am really starting to like it! I really see us doing a membership class soon and going through the process to join.

Anyway, yesterday I took the kids myself. We were running late so I had to park across the road at Wendys. Not fun trying to run across the busy highway with 3 kids! I was just hoping that they would hold onto me and not lag behind or run for it! We made it, and I dropped them off in their classrooms. Then i went and sat in the last row.. it was pretty crowded yesterday! our pastor had asked us to take the challenge of inviting people to our church. I had asked a few people to go, and last week I had a friend come, and yesterday I had another friend and her husband come and visit. I am so happy they came, and I think they enjoyed it.

The pastor is starting a 6 week course on finances and relationships. The series is called "Its Complicated." I really like how he preaches on a lot of things I can relate to, and I always seem to get something out of what he teaches, and so does Arnold. He started off the series with a sermon on finances. We talked about the steps to take to get right financially in your life. At the end of the service everyone was handed out an envelope, which had either $5, $20 or $50 in it. We were instructed to go out this week and find a way to use it to bless others. One of the steps he had talked about was to Give Generously. He said he didnt care if it was paying for someones groceries or dinner behind you in line, taking coffees into work for your coworkers, buying someones dinner, or whatever. He said the Christ Church had done this before and they got a lot of awesome feedback on it and alot of people said they had been blessed. So anyway, i got a $5, which isnt much, but I know I can do something good with it if i put my mind to it. I prayed about it and I know God will show me what to do with it, and an opportunity will arise! They also asked for us to go on the website and post the story of what we did with the money, so I am interested in seeing the stories people post.

Cant wait to go back next week! I really feel a change in my life happening..

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  1. I'm glad we came to visit :) Looking forward to going again. Everyone was really nice.