Monday, January 17, 2011


So last night I had I guess what you would call insomnia. I laid there forever, and i just couldnt turn my brain off. My body was tired, but my eyes would just pop back open if I tried to shut them. Some of you know I am big on my sleep.. seriously. I have always been the kind of person who liked to sleep in, hated mornings, could take a nap whenever I was able to.. and still sleep well at night. And I need 8-9 hrs to function, even as an adult! Anyway, I have only experienced insomnia once that I could remember-- and that was last summer when i first started weaning off my anxiety meds. For 8 days I would lay there at night, nothing helping me go to sleep. I tried warm showers, exercise, reading.. nothing did the trick. I would eventually drift off, but I would wake up SEVERAL times, and didnt get hardly any consecutive sleep at all. I was a walking zombie, and it was one of the worst feelings I had experienced. So when I woke up and saw every hour on the clock last night, i started feeling worried. I really hope that the weaning this time is not causing this, and its just a fluke. I dont think I could handle another week or so of this! I need to be alert and awake for the kids. And of course today I have all 3 of them at home. They kept the MLK holiday and didnt have a makeup day today at Brooke's school. Soo.. I guess I am in for a long day ahead! I just hope that tonight I lay down and actually get some SLEEP! Good thoughts my way if you dont mind! :)

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