Monday, January 24, 2011

The Weekend

Like i posted in my last blog, Friday was mine and Arnold's 5-year anniversary :) He didnt get to take that day off from work, but it was still a great day. We didnt think we were going anywhere that evening, but I got a surprise call at lunch-time, and Arnold's parents had offered to watch the kids while we went to a quick dinner down the road. That just made my day! So that evening i was getting ready in the bathroom and I hear Arnold come in the door from work. I went into the kitchen and was totally shocked-- he had brought me home a bouquet of red roses-- my favorite! they were our wedding flowers, too. We decided on a day-trip next weekend to Boone for our anniversary, and recently bought a new computer, so we agreed on no gifts this year. So i wasnt expecting that :) See, even after a few years of marriage they can surprise you! So then we dropped off the kids and went down the road to Hannahs BBQ for dinner. We like going there occasionally. Arnold had some hotwings and soup and i had a chicken sandwich and greenbeans. I posted in a previous blog about us doing a thing at church where everyone was given out money and supposed to be generous with it and change someones day.. So i decided to use the money that night. We had a young waitress and she was really nice. So we left her our usual tip plus the money we got from church, so we gave her a $10 tip! i hope that made her night.. made me smile thinking about her finding it :) That night when we got home we watched "The Runaways".. i didnt really want to watch it but had had it on my list for Netflix and forgot about it, so they sent it. Arnold watched it while I was on the computer, haha.. didnt care for what i saw/heard, though.

We werent able to go to Boone on Sat. like we had originally thought, since we lost our babysitters last minute. So we got the kids ready and took them up to Hickory. We went to the mall and ate lunch at Subway. Trying to do better about not getting as much fastfood this year, because we were tempted just to stop at Mcdonalds on the way! Then we walked a few laps and stopped in a few stores. Went to Childrens place and got Brooke a new sweater and a valentines day headband. And a cute little outfit for my friend who is about to have a baby any day :) We had planned to stop by the calandar stand and get a calandar for the house.. they were only $4.99 the other day, but the stand was gone! Guess we waited too long.. oh well. Then after that we went to Target and picked up a few things we needed. That afternoon when we got home and put the kids down for a nap, ARnold went to his friend's house to play music with the guys. They arent a band anymore but they still get together occasionally and play music.. more bluegrass then rock these days. They are still planning on playing the Hildebran Redneck Festival this year, though. Anyway, later that night we watched the movie Dinner with Shmucks. Heard mixed reviews about it.. I liked it, Arnold hated it. I love Steve Carrell and his humor though.. And i tried those new Skittles Blenders.. they are GOOD! especially the Tropical Colada flavor.. reminds me of summertime :)

Sunday i woke up not feeling too well. Unforunately we didnt make it to church. I started having those pains in my upper ribs again, and it really hurt. I am confused as to why im still feeling so bad 4 days after taking my antibiotics. I think a kidney infection isnt the only thing going on with me.. Anyway, spent most of the day resting and watching movies. And yesterday afternoon while the kids were napping Arnold and I brought out our wedding video and watched it.. great memories :) Made me tear up to see how sweet and sincere Arnold's look in his eyes was that day. I love him so much!

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