Thursday, January 20, 2011

Night at the Hospital

Yesterday I started feeling pains in the right side of my back.. but I didnt think much about it, i figured they would go away. Around 4pm the pain was still there though, so I took an 800mg Ibprofen. Then by the time Arnold got home from work at 530 I was doubled over in pain and having chills. The pain was stabbing and horrible, and I was starting to have abdomen pains too, that felt like labor pains. I asked a few people about it and they said it sounded like a gallbladder attack. On 1-10 for pain I was about an 8. Most of you know by now I HATE hospitals and doctors but i figured I should get it checked out in case, and get some pain meds. So we dropped off the kids with their grandparents and headed over to Catawba. When a nurse saw me and my area of pain she said it was gallbladder, too. So they did some bloodwork on me. Then we had to wait about 3 hrs in the wating room, that was the worst. They were SO backed up last night. I really hope we didnt pick up anything and get sick. So anyway, i finally get called back and lay on the bed. I also gave them a urine sample. The dr came in and examined me and said he would get me some pain meds and order some tests. So they hooked me up to an IV and gave me morphine. I have had that a few times before and it flips me out. It hits me really hard and makes my body feel stiff and numb then I start getting loopy and go in and out of consiousness. Ever since I started having anxiety problems though, its not good. My heartrate kept going up.. it was in the 120s for a long time. I had to do my best to fight off a panic attack, because I felt it coming on several times. Then a lady came in and wheeled me off to a Cat Scan.. thats like my 9th or 10th in 2 years. NOT good. The doses of radiation when you get to that number increases your risk for cancer like you wouldnt believe.. so Yeah, im a little worried now. So after that I just laid in the room and slept for a long time while Arnold watched tv. Finally the dr came in and said he saw nothing wrong with my gallbladder, but that he saw signs of infection in my urine and i had a bad kidney infection. I had had a UTI that got bad and spread to my kidneys. ARGH! i thought i was past the recurring Utis, guess I was wrong. Anyway, they gave me prescriptions for an antibiotic to take, and some pain pills for at home if I needed them.. Vikodin to be exact. Then i had to get up and try to walk out of there, which was interesting since I was so drugged. Thank goodness ARnold was there to help me walk. We stopped by Taco bell because we hadnt had dinner. I was already passed out again by the time we picked up the kids. And we got home and to bed around 2am. I slept until 11am this morning. That stuff is powerful!

I am feeling alot better today.. still a little bit of pain and tiredness but I think the meds will take care of it in a few days, i hope so at least!

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