Monday, January 17, 2011

The Day from Hell!

So today was one of those days. The kind of day where i said: if a Stay-at-home-mom survived this day, she deserves a medal!

It all starts when I get up and am extremely tired and cranky. Having read my previous posts you know that a. I had insomnia and barely slept the night before and b. I am NOT good on not a lot of sleep! So it was like already setting up the day for rough times. Not to mention its THAT week, yes the dreaded PMS.

Brooke was off again from school today, some kids went back but her school system decided to observe the holiday and let them go back tomorrow. So I had all 3 kids at home, restless as can be. The whole morning was them destroying the toy area in the living room, wrestling, fighting, whining, and toys flying. At one point i sat down and ignored them, I had had to calm down.

Around 11:30 i started to make the kids lunch. I have Rachel tugging on my leg and whining because she saw me putting grapes on her plate and she didnt understand why she had to wait! Then in the middle of that my mom calls and I answer and talk to her.. she asks me, "why are the kids yelling?" because mom-- they want their lunch! So i finish lunch, set the kids down with their food and clean up some more. I return to find overturned applesauce, crumbs all over the floor smushed into tiny pieces and Rachel covered head to toe in stains. I start to vaccuum up the crumbs and do yet more cleaning. It is unusually quiet, so i decide to go investiage and I find Rachel in the bathroom. (i thought i had shut that door!) and she had decided to take all their bath toys, tub letters, and soap spongies in the toilet. After scolding her and cleaning off her hands, we head to the living room.

I sit on the couch and start reading the kids library books we recently got. One child (Brooke) is climbing all over the couch and trying to play her Leapster because obviously reading stories isnt as "cool" anymore. Caleb is whining because I wont let him sit right on top of my lap while I read. and Rachel is in the floor pulling the little cards out of the back of the books.. which thankfully I see her before she rips or tries to eat any of them. Which yes, has happened before. Dont wait to tick the library people off!

Finally I put a dvd in for the kids. My mom calls again, and i take the call while trying to break up a fight between BRooke and Caleb. They are fighting over space on the couch. Caleb is repeatedly kicking Brooke. So i take Calebs arm and pull him over to the end of the couch and seperate them. Problem solved, right? At that exact moment Caleb throws his head back and smacks it right into the corner of the bookshelf. At first he is screaming and I think thats my biggest problem.. then i see the blood gushing from his head. I start to flip. out. I am not good on blood. I basically sat there in a trance for a moment before icould react. I started BAWLING.. it hit me that i had just been being hard on the kids and felt so guilty that now Caleb was in pain.. and at the moment I didnt know how bad it was yet. So i run to the kitchen and get a wet cloth and hold it on his head to try and stop the bleeding. All the while BRooke is picking up on the stress and sits there crying and saying oh no caleb is hurt, caleb is hurt! So i try to calm her down at the same time. Meanwhile, Rachel is sitting on the floor, watching tv, and oblivious to the chaos going on around us (she must have gotten that from her father! ;-) Anyway, ill admit, im still a little girl at heart and my first instinct is to call my mom! and she is luckily in the area anyway so she says she will be right over. Meanwhile i sit there and hold the cloth on calebs head, rub his leg, and chant to the kids that it will all be ok. I finally get the courage to look at calebs head and i see a big cut, cant tell how deep it is, but it looks pretty bad. So when Mom gets there i call the dr. I get put on hold (seriously?) and they proceed to put me on hold SEVEN more times while im on the phone. Finally the girl tells me that I have to take him to the ER. And i told her.. so youre telling me you can do stitches there but I have to take my son to the scary hospital and spend $150?! And she basically says- yeah, sorry! At this point i hang up and call everyone i know to get their opinions. Thankfully the bleeding stopped. and mom and i doctored it up with meds and little bandaid strips. So no... i didnt end up taking him to the ER. He is doing ok tonight.. I think he will be ok.

So since he hit his head, I kept caleb up all afternoon with me so I could watch him. He was pretty sweet... wanted me to read him books and snuggle with him. THANKFULLY the girls took naps. WEll, after Brooke put up a HUGE fight for me because she swears up and down shes never tired and doesnt need one anymore.. Pshhh, ok, sure.

So in the end.. I go out to dinner tonight w/ a good friend. Get away for an hr or so. It feels so good and I start to de-stress. Then i get home.. and I see the kids are still up, not even in the bath yet, and i see casserole from supper all over the kitchen floor. So much for de-stressing!

Will tomorrow be better?? PLEASE Lord, let it be so!!


  1. So sorry! I hope tomorrow is better!

  2. omg why didn't Arnold put them kids in bed??

    I pray today is better girl!