Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out of the norm Evening

I know, two blogs in one day. I am writing this one mostly because I am sitting here bored. Im sure i could find something more productive to do if i REALLY tried though ;-)

Arnold is working late tonight. He has your typical 8 or 9-5 job that he works mon-fri and then is off the weekends. I have really taken that for granted in the past i guess. he calls me this afternoon and tells me that he is going to have to work late because they have some project that has to be finished by noon tomorrow. Sooo, this evening I made them dinner. Most of you know that I am a horrible cook and I dont cook much-- Arnold does a lot of our cooking (other than simple things that I do occasionally) and so tonight the kids had hotdogs and green beans. Gourmet meal right there! They seemed to enjoy it, though. Then i ran the bath water and got them stripped down and into the tub for their bath. They splashed around for awhile before I actually washed them. May need to seperate Brooke and Caleb into seperate baths from now on because tonight i caught them "exploring" parts if you know what i mean. That was awkward! But i know its a curious phase kids go through. Anyway, after the baths I got them all into Pjs and let them play for awhile. They begged me to watch Kipper, which that show does not go over well with me at all, mostly because the theme song is annoying and gets stuck in my head. But since i thought it might get me a second to sit down and rest, i let them watch it while they had their dessert. That didnt last long though-- they were up making a mess pretty quickly. So i cleaned that up and then gathered them all on the couch for story time. We have to read a few stories every night, and the kids usually pick the same ones over and over so they pretty much have them memorized by now. Some of their favorites that we read were The Grouchy Ladybug, Just Like Mommy, Llama Llama Red Pajamas, and their newest latest Llama Llama Misses Mama. After the stories we brushed teeth-- which took a lot of time because ever since they got spin brushes for Christmas its one of their newest fascinations. And finally-- I got everyone tucked in and kisses and hugs all around.

So I realized just how awesome my husband is tonight, as a father.. he helps out a lot in the evenings. Especially with bathtime. After doing everything alone tonight I am pretty tired. I am now sitting around waiting on him to come home. I am not sure when that will be.. but he called awhile ago and said maybe not till 9pm or so :-/ I dont know how some of you girls do this on a regular basis! You are a lot stronger than I am.. i am quite content with the regular schedule Arnold has. But on the plus side, its nice to sit here in the quiet and do whatever I want for awhile tonight :P

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  1. I hate Eric not being home in the evenings :( I would do just about anything for him to have a 9-5 Mon-Fri job, lol. I envy you :P