Friday, January 28, 2011

My Teriffic Kid!

Brooke got the teriffic kid award from school. They had told us the ceremony was going to be today, and we were afraid we wouldnt make it in time, because we were going to be at the dr. with Brooke. But we got lucky and got out just in time! We took Brooke back to school and they were waiting to go to the gym, so we got to watch the class in action for a few minutes, it was really cute. The kids all hugged Brooke when she came in, she has some good friends, even at this young age :) Then we went to the gym and Brooke sat with her class and Arnold and I sat in the back row. we were able to get a pic of her getting the award too, but it turned out a little blurry/grainy. The terrific kid awards were given out first thing, so we literally ran in and ran out.. Arnold had to get back to work. Along w/ the award she got a few neat little prizes, a pencil, coin, and 2 coupons for free kids meals or foods at local restaurants. I am proud of my girl!

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