Monday, April 18, 2011

22 Months!!

Just wanted to point out that Rachel is 22 months old today!!!! She will be 2 years old in just 2 months. Seriously?! That seems insane!! The past few months Ive already been thinking about and starting to plan her birthday party, but now I really better get in gear. She is having an owl-themed party this year, probably at the park, and I am having fun planning it, but Im not sure what Im going to do about the cake!! Any ideas??

Anyway, Rachel is doing great. She is now 29 lbs and ??? not sure how tall right now. She is talking more and more every day. She says a lot of words.. some of them may be hard to understand but at least I understand them! She has picked up a horrible habit, of saying "SHUT UP" when she gets mad or frustrated. Which is soo embarassing! I am trying to break her of it, but we are having a hard time. It just doesnt sound right coming from such a sweet-looking girl! She is in size 2t or 3t clothes, depending on what it is. She has such a cute spring/summer wardrobe this year, and I am having fun dressing her up every day, now that is is warmer weather. Still waiting on the hair to grow.. she has had a few little trims so far, and its not AS bad, but she still has the mullet!! I dont even bother trying to stick bows in there most days.. she just pulls them out. But on the plus side, she hasnt gotten called a boy lately! She is just an absolutely sweet, precious little girl, and I am enjoying watching her grow!! :)

**Thank you Jamie for the Pic!!**

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