Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break Day #2

Spring Break Day #2 was NOT as good as Day #1. I guess I jinxed myself, because I was talking about how great Monday went.. and thought the week might actually go halfway decent.. but.. anyway.

A mom's group Im in had their Easter Party and egg hunt at a park, right up the road from our house, so thats convenient! We went out there and sat our stuff down and I let the kids run off to the playground to play. They were not on their best behavior that day and I was pretty much embarassed. They fought over who would get the swings, and Caleb kept dropping his food on the ground and asking for replacements, and Brooke hardly ate anything, then dumped all her food in the trashcan (what a waste!! I could have eaten that!!) And during all this Rachel runs off, either to the bathrooms or down the hill towards the creek. I reminded myself that THIS is why I dont go out with all 3 of them by myself!! I know Im not the first woman to have kids, or even 3 kids, or EVEN 3 under 5, bit It is HARD. And its just way too stressful for me to take them all somewhere myself. As a result I feel like when they are all at home, I become a hermit and protect myself within the walls of my house. I wish I was out doing more and letting them have more experiences, but somedays its just not worth it.

ANYWAY, we all ate some snacks and goodies that everyone had brought. The wind was FIERCE that day, and kept blowing stuff off the tables.. and once blew our food right off our plates! That was interesting. After eating the kids played a little more, then it was time for the egghunt. They seperated the big kids and little kids into seperate areas, which I really liked, because usually the big kids scoop all the eggs up really quickly and the little kids dont have a chance! So there was Rachel, and I thinl 3 other toddlers in that area, and so she didnt have much competition like usual ;) She went on her little merry way and picked up eggs and filled her monkey basket right up! She was quite proud of herself! I also liked that the toddler eggs were bigger and had other kinds of treats in them that were safe for them, like chocolates, fruit snacks, and bubbles.

We were there for over 2 hours and it was WONDERFUL weather, but it was hot!!! I am so glad i remembered the sunscreen or we all would have been burned. Well, I remembered it for the kids.. not me.. but at least they were protected! When we got home the kids went straight to bed and took long naps.. they had really run off all their energy that day.. and that part I was greatful for!!!

Waiting on the Egg Hunt to Begin

Finding some eggs!

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