Friday, April 8, 2011

Tidbits from the Week

1. For those of you who actually "liked" my very retro "7os" oven (a few of you know what im talking about ;) Im sorry to say.. its history! We are finally getting a brand-spanking new oven, a WHITE one (so plain after the turquoise one, dont you think?) and we are going to pick it out tomorrow actually. Well, ORDER it tomorrow. We have one thats a special size, to fit in the wall where Arnold's grandparents put the first one!

2. We went to Chick Fila last night for dinner.. they had another "support the school" nights. We spent way too much on fast food, but at least it went to a good cause. The cow was there, saying hi to all the kids. Leave it to my kid to start dancing around the cow, then the cow humors her and decides to dance too.. so little girl and cow dancing in the foodcourt while people watch and laugh.. quite entertaining! Then for some reason she gets really excited and smacks the cow i the crotch!! To be fair.. I dont think she meant to.. but.. sheesh. Anyway, Lauryn came, too. Rachel and Grayson had fun on their dinner date ;) Afterwards we decided to let the kids play in the playarea downstairs.. so they had a blast.

3. I ordered a book off ebay yesterday, from the "House of Hope" series. Ive only read the 1st book, and have been meaning to read more. Why i ordered it now.. I dont know. I have STACKS upon stacks of books on my nightstand waiting to be read. I got a little too spend-happy on reading material when our tax money came back.

4. The weather has been SO nice this week! I spent all afternoon outside w/ Brooke yesterday, and actually got some work done outside. Pulled some weeds, swept up the carport.. stuff like that. I actually have some color on my usually pasty white skin now, too. I hope to start working on planting flowers in the yard soon! I know its sad.. but Im a complete dummy when it comes to flowers and planting.. so.. any suggestions??

5. Speaking of dummies.. guess what I did today?? When I was backing out of the driveway to go pick up Brooke, i ran over the kids' wagon. Knocked one of the wheels right off. Whats sad is.. thats the SECOND time ive run over that dang thing. Poor kids, they are not going to have anything left to play on/ride on with the way their mother drives.

6. Went to visit a friend today who I dont get to see much anymore.. him and his wife. They went to my church growing up and we were all really close. The kids got to visit their pet bird, which thrilled them, although I had to really watch Rachel because she wanted to stick her fingers in the cage.

7. Arnold got to come home a little early from work today.. which was a great surprise. He came outside w/ me and Brooke while we played, and mowed the grass. But before that, he plopped down on the couch and asked what came on tv at that time of day. I was like.. what do you think I do.. watch tv all day?! I do occasionally watch the Office at 4:00 if everythings calm in the house, but most days lately Brooke and I are outside all afternoon!

8. Just let my Sister-in-law borrow that "Heaven is for Real" book today.. I am excited to hear what she thinks of it!

9. I was just plain exhausted yesterday! I went to bed at 10 (which is early for me..) and slept until 7am this morning! 9 straight hours of sleep.. and it was soo nice! i actually felt rested today.. and then I had a pretty productive day and got alot done! If anyone is wondering how i accomplished this.. its because my kids are great sleepers, and sleep in their own rooms. They go to bed by 8pm most nights and sleep till 7 most mornings! Thank goodness usually we have it pretty laid-back, unless in the event of sickness, or kids running into our room b/c they are scared of storms!

10. I should be asleep already, because I need to get up early in the morning.. But here I am online, blogging. Likely story. Im already in BED though.. that counts for something, right?!

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