Friday, April 22, 2011

End of Week Thoughts

First off, this is my 250th blog!! Woohoo, go me ;) No but seriously, Ive really come to like this blog, and thanks to all of you who read it and occasionally comment. Didnt know anyone would have any interest what-so-ever in our lives! haha :)

1. Today is Good Friday. Please take a moment and remember the truth-- that Jesus died on the cross for YOU.. for EVERYONE. We did not deserve to be saved, but we were, purely and wonderfully, and I dont know about anyone else but I am so greatful! And I will spend my life trying my best to follow Him, and trying to lead my children to Him.

2. Today is also Earth Day! Hope everyone does something today to show the love.. and tries to do more everyday to help the environment, whether it be planting trees and other plants, using less waste, cloth bags at the store, recycling.. there is so much you can do! I need to get better at this myself. We need to protect the environment for our kids, and their kids! and their kids! :)

3. Last night we went to the Maundy Thursday service at church. It wasnt a HUGE crowd, but still a pretty good turnout. I am glad I decided to go, becuase I wasnt feeling well before and almost didnt. It was a beautiful, moving service. The music selections were great,and of course the message by Jesse was good as usual. They had a foot washing at the end of the service, too.

4. Last night we stopped by the inlaws' house so the kids could get their Easter baskets from them. I am telling you, these kids are SPOILED! They will get more baskets from my parents on Sunday. They got a bunch of candy of course, and Brooke got some costume jewelry and sillybands, and Caleb got a bunch of cars and an airplane, they all got big bounce balls with glittery water, and recorders. That was just cruel.. of course the kids have carried those things around blowing as hard as they can, and nearly deafening me!!!! They may become an outside toy! But anyway-- I was able to fill up an entire bowl (and its overflowing) with all the candy they have gotten, just this WEEK, from egghunts and family members.

5. My gallbladder is bothering me a lot lately.. I had a pretty bad attack the other night and was really sick. Arnold is pressuring me again to call a surgeon at Baptist and get the surgery scheduled. I know i need to.. I keep putting it off because I am terrified! I dont need to tell you all why.. Im sure you know all the reasons.. risks, medicine side effects, pain, having to have people watch my kids for a few days, etc. But I am beyond blessed that my Mom already said that she will help in anyway she can when I get the surgery, so I feel a little better.

6. I nearly cried watching "The Office" last night!! Where they all sang to Michael?! Oh.. my.. goodness! I cant believe next week is his last episode. It is not going to be the same without him.. he was one of (if not THE) favorite of my characters.. he is so funny. I will probably continue to watch the show.. I hope it doesnt fall apart! Anxious to see who takes over as boss.

7. I am counting down until Spring Break is over. Is that awful? I dont care!!! This has been an utterly exhausting and stressful week! These 3 kids get together and bring the worst out in each other.. seriously! Its always something.. a fight over a toy, not being greatful for something, whining, tantrums.. you name it. I hate to be so negative, I really do!! I just am having a hard time handling it.

8. But on the PLUS SIDE.. Arnold and I are going on a date tonight!!! Yes, all 3 kids will be with my parents, and they actually ASKED for them. My mom wants to take the kids to an Easter thing in the morning. So of course I said YES!!! Not sure what Arnold and I will get into tonight, but Im sure we will have fun! And I will finally be able to relax after this week!!

**Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Easter Weekend!!!**

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