Saturday, April 23, 2011

Date Night!!!

Since mom and dad took the kids overnight last night, Arnold and I went on a date night!!! It was soo nice to get out, and so relaxing. I am thankful that my parents are so involved in their grandkids' lives.. and doesnt hurt that occasionally Arnold and I get time to ourselves ;)

We were going to go to this Chinese restaurant that we really like, but it had closed doww! I was a little bummed out.. I was really hungry by then so we just went simple and went to Subway. I had another one of those bacon, egg & cheese subs, they are my new favorite thing. Then we went to a few stores and did a little shopping. I found a few discounted books for myself.. all to add to that HUGE stack under my nightstand. I seriously look at the pile of books I have now and am overwhelmed. I get a little too excited over books, but.. at least I have plenty of reading material for a long time! We ran into my friend Shera, and her husand while we were out.. they were on a date night too! Think its funny that we were both doing the same thing-- buying stuff for our kids ;)

After we were done shopping we went to get a birthday cake milkshake from Zaxbys. Have you tried them?? They are so yummy! Then we stopped by the video place and rented a movie to take home to watch. We got the movie "How do you Know?" With Reese, Owen, Paul Rudd... those guys in it. It was pretty good.. not your typical chick flick though.

So THEN.. it was around 11 pm and we were still wide awake and we felt so free and crazy because with no kids we could have literally done anything! And what did we choose to do? Go on a midnight run to walmart! haha :) Was still pretty packed for it being that late, but you have to remember that Friday nights are when the highschool kids "cruise" up and down the highway.. ah, to be young again! We walked around and looked at everything.. picked up a few things we needed like kids' toothpaste and deodarant.. ah, the glamourous life! ;) I also found a shirt that I thought was funny.. it said "Moms do the Hardwork, Dads do the Yardwork!" I just had to get it.. I dont do any yardwork around here.. thats all Arnold.. so it fit us! But im just joking around.. Arnold is actually pretty good with the kids.. he is a helpful Daddy! So.. then it was midnight.. and Arnold said that you cant do a midnight Walmart run without a midnight Taco Bell run.. so off we went. We got chicken queisidillas (I WILL NEVER SPELL THAT RIGHT-- thats the one that gets me.. and Im not looking it up right now!) I know it was bad to eat that late, and totally destroyed my "diet" for the day, but who cares?!

We had an awesome time... and I wish it was more often. But I was so happy to see the kids again this morning.. I had missed them!!

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