Thursday, April 14, 2011

School Book Fair

I guess Brooke's school had two book fairs a year, because I swear I was just at one before Christmas! Oh well, thats ok with me because everyone knows i LOVE books! ;) Brooke had been wanting me to go all week, so I picked a good morning that Arnold was able to stay with the little kids before he went to work, and I took Brooke to school (she was so excited about that!) And then stopped by the bookfair before I left. A class was in there when I was, so it was pretty crowded. I browsed around for awhile, and found a book for each of the kids, and two for them to share. I also looked up Brooke's teacher's "Wish List" and purchased a book for her classroom. I got to put a sticker in it "From Brooke" so that was neat. I got in the checkout line and waited FOREVER behind all those kids. It was funny looking at what all the kids had picked out. Alot of the kids had picked up junk to buy and side-stepped the books altogether! Took me back to my childhood when I made that mistake once and My mom was soo mad.. that never happened again! One little girl right in front of me had $30 in a baggie from her Mom, and she spent it on a stuffed animal, a poster I think, and some other things.. I dont know. but If I was her mom I would have been a little upset.. haha. Im glad i can shop FOR Brooke for now. I also talked to one of the teachers while in line.. she is one of the Kindergarten teachers.. and she seemed really nice, so.. I dont think Id mind if Brooke got her next year ;) So heres the books we got: "Goldilicious"-- This is the one Brooke wanted, shes so into princess stuff. "What Sisters do Best" (and other side is "What Brothers do Best"-- love it! "Swim! Swim!"-- Such a sweet book about friendship. "Froggy Goes to Camp"-- already have a "Froggy" book so I thought theyd like it Disney Cars--"Go, Go, Go!"-- Figured Caleb would like this one.. but he asked me why I didnt get him a ROBOT book? Its time for the lesson on being greatful! Got all paperback books, and even then it was $30 for those few. SO you can see why I didnt get more. But i definately wanted to! :)

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