Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Party!

Sunday afternoon I had an easter egg hunt and small party for some of Brooke and Caleb's friends. We had wanted to do it Saturday, but the weather was crazy, so we changed it. We had around 50 eggs filled, and then a lot of people brought over eggs, too. Arnold hid them all over the yard.. there werent many spaces to hide them.. so some were obviously in plain-view, but Im sure the kids didnt mind! The egg hunt was over like THAT. Doesnt take kids long to scatter and find all the eggs. I was so thankful it was SUCH nice weather.. everyone was able to stay over for awhile and we played outside and enjoyed the sunshine. We laid some blankets out in the yard and us girls sat around and talked, while the kids ran around the yard getting some of their energy out. We had the cupcakes I made the night before as a snack.. most people ate them so I guess they werent THAT bad! ;) We took a bunch of pictures, including a real cute one of the girls ;) Caleb had been in a really bad mood earlier in the day and didnt feel like being sociable at all when everyone came over.. but it seems by the end of the party he was doing great.. so I guess it put him in a good mood :) I guess Arnold has figured out by now that I am not planning on stopping the holiday and special-occasion parties and get-togethers anytime soon ;) I just love having fun things like that, the kids always seem to enjoy it.. and more excuses for me to get to see my friends! So Sorry babe! ;) But I must thank him for all his help.. he was sweet enough to mow the yard, go out and buy juice boxes for the kids, and help me clean up around the house before everyone came over.. Couldnt ask for a sweeter Hubby! :) Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Easter with us!!!!
Yummy Cupcakes

Some really awesome friends! :)

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