Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spa Night!!

Tuesday night I went to Spa Night w/ some good friends! This was at a place called Madison Tate's. They are a store, and they also host birthday parties for little girls and other fun events. A little background info-- the night had two time sots.. 5-7 or 7-9, and only 15 people per spot. and it was $25, paid up front. I just paid over the phone when I called to reserve my spot. It included food, a hand massage, parafin wax dip, back/shoulder massage, and manicure. If you wanted your eyebrows waxed it was $5 extra. Well worth it in my opinion!!! :)

We first sat around and talked for awhile.. some of these ladies I hadnt gotten to see in a long time, so it was nice! I am also glad Ive started hanging out w/ Amanda more.. she is fun to be be with! Some of the things they had laid out were fresh fruits, chicken salad, chocolate for dipping marshmellows in, chocolate smoothies with almond milk and peanut butter, chocolate shots (haha), cucumber water, and sweet tea.

After we ate, everyone started walking around to the different stations. First I got my hand massage, which felt GREAT.. i was already feeling relaxed. Then I got the parfin wax dip, which felt a little strange, and a spot of really dry skin on my left hand burned a little but afterwards my skin was so soft! Then i got my back massage.. the lady who did the massages was very sweet. I was soo relaxed, I almost drooled a little ;) She gave everyone coupons for money off if you booked a massage with her, and I think I just might! Great mothers day gift, right? ;) Then lastly I got a manicure. They had lots of colors to choose from, and I chose a coral color because they told me it was pretty popular. I am NOT used to having anything done to my nails. They are so short and ugly since I still have the bad habit of biting them. But they look so pretty now! In between stages when we were waiting, we would look around the store at all the homeade products.. there were some really cute things. I might go back in there to look for gifts sometime.

>We ended up not leaving till around 9:30, so I got over 2 1/2 hours of wonderful girl time, and time away from the kids! I felt so relaxed at the end of the night. Why cant we do stuff like that all the time?! ;)

Getting my massage

Loved the manicure!!

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  1. Awww I had so much fun! I agree, I enjoy hanging out with you and should do it more! We will have to do more girl nights that involve pampering ourselves!