Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our New Oven

The new oven has been installed!!! A guy called me the day before telling me that we were "last call" on his list of installations for Thursdays and he would be out sometime between 4:30 and 5:30. (Surprise, Surprise-- always seem to get "last call" for service.. the cable guy was out here last month past 8pm!!)

Anyway, he came around 5pm, so not too bad. Thank goodness Arnold was home and able to help me keep the kids under control. They like to bother.. AHEM.. talk to everyone who comes into our house.. so of course they started in with the questions. What are you doing? Are you fixing our oven? Are you leaving yet? Haha. He didnt seem to mind it though, he humored them. We started the small talk with him, and it so happens he used to date our next door neighor (who hasnt?!) And she so happened to be outside and they saw each other.. so across the yard they go, hugging, chatting... While i am inside just shaking my head wondering if this is going to affect our service for the good or the bad, HAHA!

He was finished pretty quick actually.. didnt take long at all. When he pulled the old oven out of the wall, he found a REALLY old coupon back there.. just to give you an idea of how old it was, it said Expires in DEC, 1986! And it was 15cents off a bag of M&Ms, or something crazy like that. It was old and crinkly..pretty gross, but I thought that was hilarious. Just shows how old the house is! But like the old oven didnt already do that!

We decided to christen the oven that very night and made some cookies. Pull-apart cookies, mind you.. you know its me! ;) And later Arnold made some hot wings in there. He couldnt find anything to cook, so we actually went to the store to get something to cook in the oven. He was a little too excited, I think.. we are sad. But we are finally living in the modern world! :)

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