Friday, April 1, 2011

End of the Week Random Thoughts!

1. Brooke has her first loose tooth! I discovered it last night when she was yelling at me "I LOST MY TOOTH." Which of course wasnt correct, but it did worry me for a minute ;)

2. Joanne and I went to a consignment sale last night. Yeah, I think im addicted to finding good deals. It was crowded as crap, and we had to wait in long line to check out, but I guess it was worth it. I found some more clothes for the kids, a new book for them, a game, a doll for Brooke, and the cutest purple wicker basket that Im going to use for Brooke's easter basket this year.

3. Speaking of that sale.. I left my purse in Joannes car last night. Bummer. Now i dont have my debit card, car keys, or other special stuff. Of course I found this out after Arnold left for work, so he had to come back home to bring me his key to the van, so I can pick up Brooke later.

4. Happy April Fools! I did try playing a joke last night on facebook.. said we were moving up North b/c Arnold got a promotion at work. It was fun for awhile, but a lot of people called me out on it, and I revealed myself this morning ;) I would seriously CRY if I ever had to leave the South- not to mention my friends and family!

5. My new fave. place to find jewelry- on ebay! And alot of times its new stuff. I just got my new owl earrings in the mail yesterday (they were shipped from China, so.. I had to wait awhile!)

6. I am trying to get my friend Jackie hooked on "The Big Bang Theory" show.. so I let her borrow Season 1 today. I really hope she likes it! It is my newest favorite show. Also.. I am sad that Michael is leaving "The Office" :( It just wont be the same without him.

7. Yesterday was crazy CRAZY with Brooke at home. She is such a drama queen. She got upset over something and said "I am SO mad. I am going to throw a tantrum now!!" Pretty sad when she actually TELLS me. I am told she gets the dramatic nature from me ;)
8. I am glad the weekend is here! And i am hoping that it really starts warming

up soon. Because Ive had enough of the rain and chilly days. I am ready to get back outside and play with the kids.

9. Its been awhile since my last party.. right? So I am in the process of planning an Easter Party for my kids and some of their friends. Arnold doesnt quite know all the details yet.. you know how he gets about all these crazy get-togethers! But I think they are fun!!

10. I guess the praise music I play in the van alot of days is really rubbing off on Caleb. I caught him singing earlier.. and he was singing "Our God is healer, awesome in power!" I love that song. I think it is soo sweet that he was singing that. I hope to teach my kids as much about the Lord as possible, and be the best mom I can.

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  1. I'm sad about The Office too. :( It won't be the same at all.