Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011!!!

Easter 2011 was pretty great if I do say so myself! We all got up and the kids saw what the Easter bunny had brought them. They seemed pretty pleased w/ their stuff, so I was happy. Brooke got some jewelry that she put on right away, and Caleb had an Iron man toy that of course he became obsessed with. He finds one thing and fixates on that! Rachel was most interested in her yogurt melts.. she tried to eat the whole bag and I had to stop her. ;) Poor baby.. you can tell she doesnt get those often! She also got a cute little chirpy chick but threw it across the room.. so.. Im guessing she was just still tired and cranky.. because later she liked it ;) No candy this year b/c they got ENOUGH of that in all the egg hunts they participated in. Ok.. one piece.. and one fruit snack pack. Which they ate as part of their breakfast.. hey, they are only kids once! ;)

Then we all got dressed up. The girls' matching dresses I had bought them several months ago had been hanging in the closet just waiting to be worn!! I absolutely loved them, and thought they were adorable on! I even dressed up, and I dont like wearing skirts, so thats a biggie for me ;) Then knowing me, of course we had to go outside and take lots and lots of pictures before church. I got a few I was happy with.. but mostly the kids just wanted to run around and play and risked getting their outfits dirty, so we left then for church. Lauryn went w/ me to the service and I was so excited to have her along!!! Grayson seemed to do great in the nursery... they have an awesome kids' program though! It was a great service as usual.. I just love Jesse.. he is an awesome pastor!

After church we went to Mom and Dad's for Easter lunch. When we get there there is a police car in the driveway. I stop for a minute.. first I think someone did something.. then I start crying and shaking, and my hand even goes NUMB because I think maybe they are there because something happened to my parents. Arnold just calmly goes into the house. Well.. there is a local police man standing there, just helping himself to some food on the counter!!! I was like ?????!!!! Mom loves to tell me everything but forgot to mention she was having guests for Easter?! Anyway.. turns out that a lady that works w/ my mom was there, and he was her husband! He got a call and had to go shortly after that, but Mom's friend stayed and she was really nice.. I liked chatting with her. and MAN can she make some mean deviled eggs.. I ate 3 of them :)

After lunch the kids had an egghunt outside.. which their Pop Pop and Uncle Alex set up for them. Then had a little TOO Much fun playing with the cat.. they were petting that poor thing to death. We went home shortly after that, laid the kids down for a nap and Arnold and I slept too!!! We slept 3 hours or something crazy like that. We all NEEDED that sleep.. that weekend was crazy busy!

The kids loot from the Bunny

Such a great friend!!! love her!!!

Actually a decent Family pic! :)

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