Monday, April 11, 2011

The Weekend


~Played outside with the kids alot. Brooke played some with her friend that lives down the street. Arnold was able to come home from work a little early.. we were happy to see him!

~Went with my sister-in-law Jenn to Sam's to pick up Jess' babyshower cake. Love all the time I get to spend with her.. we always have fun. Bekah came along too.. she was really sweet and even held my hand as we went in!

~Made homeade pizzas for dinner that night.. yum! And watched "Cinderella" with the kids. They paid a little better attention this time, but still cant make it through a movie!


~Got up early and Arnold, the kids and I drove down to Maiden to a kids' consignment sale (yes, another one!) Thanks for the directions Lauryn.. you were right, it was easy to find! ;) On the way we stopped for breakfast at Burger King, I really diskike BK.. but they have some yummy breakfast sandwiches! Anyway, It was a pretty good sale, they had a TON of baby stuff! A little hit-and-miss for the older kids. But we let the kids each pick out a toy. And I found Brooke another smocked dress, and Rachel a cute top. I also found a few new books, including "If you give a Cat a Cupcake" and "If you throw a Pig a Party." Goes along with the latest we got "If you take a Mouse to the Movies". Those are really cute books! Now we need "If you give a Moose a Muffin!" :)

~Then it was time for Jess' baby shower. Which i already wrote about in another blog. But it was a really fun time! Thankful for Arnold who watched the little kids while Brooke and I had a fun time w/ the girls! :)

~Later that afternoon I met up with my Mom at Sears, and we ordered Arnold and I a new oven!!! A lot of you know that our house was built in the 60s, by Arnolds grandparents.. and a lot of the stuff in the house is well.. old! To be fair, the oven DID last a really long time.. but recently it went out. Let me tell you, its been tough to cook things just on the stove and in the little toaster oven! You have to get creative ;) Anyway, my mom is the BEST.. she said she was getting us a new one! I cant thank her enough. After she paid for it, she said "Happy Mothers Day, Happy Fathers Day, Happy Birthday..." haha ;) I am very greatful, believe me! We picked out a Kenmore we really liked, in white. It is being delivered and installed on Thursday, they are even hauling away the old one!!! We had to special-order it since ours is a 24 in and fits into the wall. So GOODBYE ugly (I mean retro) turquoise oven.. and hello brand-new nice one! ;)

~Saturday night we had grilled cheese sandwiches and pickles for dinner, and watched "Bee Movie." The kids DID seem to like that one! That night after the kids were in bed I started playing a new game on FB.. cant remember the name, but it was addicting!! I think I played for an hour straight.. sad.. And my eyes were buring afterwards from staring at the screen for so long!


~Usual Sunday for us, we went to Church. Jesse was guest-preaching at another church, so we had the St Stephens pastor.. Ive heard him preach twice now, and really like him, too. A friend Abbey, was visiting the church.. I was surprised to see her as we pulled in!

~My friend Amy is SO sweet! She had heard my story about accidentally backing over the kids wagon with the van and breaking it, and she offered me her kids' wagon.. that they arent using anymore. It was just the same as our old one!! That really made the kids' day. Brooke even said "I like Amy! She is really good!" haha. So thanks again Amy!!! youre a hero!!

~That afternoon reminded me of a song.. you know.. "Cruising.. on a Sunday afternoon.." ;) We drove to get us some lunch, then went through the carwash! The van REALLY needed to be cleaned, it was nasty! It was so nasty it didnt get all the spots off.. but nothing beats a real washing by a person I guess. Rachel had never been through a carwash before and looked a little nervous :P

~My mom came over to bring the kids some goodies she got for them on her beach trip. Some new books about some sea animals, toothbrush holders for the kids that all looked like animals, and new kits of bath toys. The kids had lots of fun playing with them that night in the tub. She also brought over strawberry rice krispie treats that she had made.

~We also went to Arnolds' parents house for awhile to visit. They had gotten back from vacation too. More goodies for the kids of course, including bags of shells.. that the kids just love dumping out, playing with, sorting.. Anyway, I am glad the kids got to see ALL their grandparents this weekend, they had really missed them!

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