Monday, April 11, 2011

Jess' Baby Shower

Saturday Joanne and I threw a babyshower for our good friend, Jess! She is due with baby Hunter in June. We didnt have a big turnout, but thats ok because we had alot of fun anyway! (it was just a "Friend" shower.. she has family and work showers planned later on)

We had it at Chilis. Brooke is at that age where she really loves hanging out with "the girls" and doing things I do.. so of course she wanted to go with me. Before we went up there we got some cute balloons blown up that I had found. it took forever to get our food, even though we were the first ones in the restaurant basically! but we had a lot of fun chatting. While waiting we played a few cute games that we had found online-- match the Mama animals w/ the baby animals, make as many words as you could out of Hunters first and middle name, guess whose traits Hunter would get, and guess the number of Jelly Beans. Jess won most of the games.. i won one of them though! Jess was kind enough to give up her jellybean prize to Brooke.. that kid was basically eyeing it since she saw it ;) I won a cute photo frame as my prize. We also all guessed what the day/weight/time, etc for the baby, so I guess we will have to wait awhile to see who was closest to the right answer!

Then we ate our lunch, and then we had the cake. I had ordered it at Sams (i think they have really yummy cakes!) It was marble cake with buttercream icing. They said the smallest cake theyd do was a half sheet, so needless to say we had LOTS of leftovers! We all took a few pieces home in a to-go box, and I gave Jess the rest, which was basically half a cake! But anyway.. then Jess opened her gifts.. she got some really neat stuff. I was excited to give her the little "lovey" giraffe blanket that I had gotten her, with Hunter's name and 2011 monogrammed on there.. I hope he will like it :)

We were there for close to 2 hours! It was great to spend the afternoon with friends, and celebrate Hunter's up-coming arrival! After lots of picture taking and hugs, we finally carried everything out to the cars and went home. Congratulations Jess! We love ya! :)

Brooke loved hanging out w/ the big girls :)

Joanne feeding Ben

Cute Balloons as decorations.. and the balloon weight was a cute baby picture holder!

Getting my baby fix! Ben knows who I am by now ;)

Our guest of honor with her cake! Isnt it cute?

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  1. I'm glad you all had such a good time! Sorry again that I couldn't make it :(