Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekly Random Thoughts!

1. I have been dealing with sinuses this week.. never used to have problems in the past, but I guess my luck is changing! The whole side of my face has ached! I am hoping it goes away without me having to get some antibiotics.

2. How crazy was that storm last night?! I was already asleep before the major stuff started, but was woken up by Brooke jumping on our bed and under the covers with us. Thankfully no major damages or anything around our area. Hope everyone is safe!

3. My parents AND Arnold's parents are on vacation at the beach this week (different beaches.. no they didnt go together ;) It feels weird not having them around.. I guess that means I kinda miss them ;) But my mom called tonight to check in!!

4. We watched "Tangled" last night and "Yogi Bear" tonight. I guess my kids dont have very good attention spans, because they were up playing within 10-15 mins of the movie! Oh well.. at least Arnold and I enjoyed them!

5. I ordered Jess' babyshower cake yesterday, at Sam's. I love Sam's cakes.. they are so yummy! I know we will have lots of leftovers but thats ok with me! I cant believe its already time for her shower.. time really flies.

6. We made homeade pizzas last night.. the kids really seemed to enjoy that. I liked that it was healthier, and boy was it good! I was really stuffed!

7. I have officially lost my camera. I feel like I could cry. I have searched the house high and low looking for it, and Arnold has helped. I really need to find it, because I have a lot of important events coming up that Id like to document! I know everyone is missing my numerous updates on FB ;)

8. Found out that Brooke's MRI next week is on the same day as her class easter party/egg hunt. I really hate that for her! She looks so forward to those holiday parties and special occasions at school. Speaking of school.. I feel like i am just NOW getting used to it all, and the year is coming to an end before we know it. There is always something to do, work on, pay for, schedule.. I cant imagine when I have 3 kids in school.. how will I handle THAT?!

9. A girl I know found out today that she is having a baby boy. That proves my theory that this is the "season" for boys. There are SO many pregnant women out there right now! And just about 90% of them are having sweet baby boys! Enjoy them ladies.. boys are such sweethearts :)

10. I have decided to start "couponing." I have used coupons here and there in the past when I found good ones, but never seriously, and hardly ever at the grocery store. So wish me luck.. because I know I could save a lot of money doing this! I just need to set my strategies and get to work!

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