Wednesday, April 6, 2011

They make my Life worth Living!

I have this bad habit of getting down and feeling forgotten and lonely when times get tough. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really cares. But I got to thinking about all the wonderful blessings in my life. I have a lot of REALLY wonderful people in my life. I have a great family, second family (inlaws) and alot of great friends. And there are 5 of them that I have just gotten really close to (The "Fab 5" haha), and I know I don't thank them enough for their friendships or what they do for me.. so THANK YOU.. you all mean more to me than you know. Just wanted to take a moment and write about these special people.. and there are ALOT more that mean alot to me, but could you imagine how long that blog would be?!

My wonderful husband of 5 years. I dont think he knew what he was getting into when he married me, but hes learned to tolerate "ahem" love me over time ;) I am thankful that he works so hard for our family and allows me to stay at home with the kids as they are in those precious years you can never get back. We have a lot of fun together, and he is truly my best friend!
My reasons for getting up every morning! Brooke, caleb and Rachel. They taught me how to grow up and be a Mom. Never had a greater job in my life.. or felt more meaningful. They each have their own unique personalites.. and I love it.

My Parents.. there is never quite the "right" words to thank your parents for what they have done for you. They adopted me when I was 5 wks old. They gave me a great childhood and lots of fun experiences. Were really strict at times, but now I understand all that, since I have become a Mom. They will celebrate 40 years of Marriage next year... and that has taught me that you CAN have a life-long wonderful marriage if you just work hard at it.

My brother, Alex. We really had some times back in the day. I tortured him like most older sisters do.. And since he has gotten older and grown up much taller than me, he is now getting me back!

And here is the Fab 5! I have known these girls for quite sometime now. They have seen me through some really GOOD times, and some really BAD times. We have had our arguments, but theyd never leave.. they love me too much ;) Each one of them is wonderful in their own ways, and is so fun to be with. I cant thank them enough for being in my life :) PS--they are in no particular order.. just the order I found the pics in!

Joanne! I am glad we met on a Moms group, a few years back. We have had a lot of fun times.. including doing things most people would make fun of us for.. like going to a Hanson concert.. as ADULTS! :) She is always willing to take a kid or two if I were to have an emergency. My yardsale buddy.. we love to find us some deals!

Lauryn-- the mother of my daughter's boyfriend ;) We kind of met by chance.. and Im so glad! She, unlike many others, really understands what I am going through a lot of times, and has gotten me through some times when I just didnt know If id make it that day. Our late night chats on the internet are the best. And dont forget our weekly get-togethers where we shop and have lunch. My kids love her just as much as I do.. I wouldnt be surprised if one day they affectionately called her "Mom" too ;)

Jackie.. the friend I probably have the most in common with! We are so much alike its scary ;) Which leads us to our many talks about our loves, hates and insecurities. We swap books with each other, of titles we think the other would like. She is a great listener and I feel like I have overloaded her with a lot of my problems in the past and she was patient (so for that I am greatful!)

Jess! Forgive me.. when I was looking thru my pics I didnt find one of us together, right away. I have known you the longest. You know things about me probably Arnold doesnt even know ;) Theres so many stories of us, I couldnt begin to write them all down. I have watched you through many stages of life, and I am so happy for you now, as you are becoming a Mom. I cant wait to be fun "Aunt Abby" ;)

Amy! We also met through a moms group. This girl has taken my family's pics for the past several years, and God bless her, because its no easy task getting my kids to sit still and smile! She threw me a babyshower when I was pregnant with Rachel (thats where the pic comes from) I can always find her online to chat when I am bored or need something. And shes very creative.. I have gotten a lot of ideas from her :)

Others that I just cant leave out...

Matt- My big brother!

Karen- couldnt have gotten thru that first year of college without you.. you were great support, and fun to be with! ;)

My SISTER IN LAW Jenn- (although more like a real Sister) You are so fun to be with and Im thankful my husband had such a cool sister ;)

Jesse-- The pastor at our new church-- Thank you for being awesome and for getting ARnold and I interested in Church again. :)

Bill- no words.. just, I LOVE YOU!! :)

Chrissy- I am glad I met a good friend in the area-- I am glad our kids are so close!

Sarah, Hayley, Elizabeth, Katie, Tina, Jamie, Amanda, Natalie, Erika, Crystin, Amy, Krista, Jess K-- You girls rock!

Anyway.. I know this might be a pointless blog to a lot of people. but definately not for me. And hopefully not for the people listed in this blog. Like i said before, I wish i could individually name EVERYONE who has made a difference in my life.. but know that I am thankful for all of you. Thank you for being there for me. Sorry if this was too mushy.. but thats just the mood Im in today ;)


  1. Reading this made me cry. It's a good cry, though, so don't feel bad :P
    I think it's ironic that you wrote this, because just yesterday, I started to feel the exact same way you were writing about. Wondering if people really care and feeling so lonely. Then I remembered the people that are the "constants" in my life.

  2. A beautiful story about true friendship : )

  3. I Loves you too !!! and your kiddos they actually make me want more kids !!!