Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Heaven is for REAL!

Most of you know how much I love to read. I had heard about a book on the current "popular book list" and it was about a little boy, and his trip to heaven. Sounded very interesting, so the other night I went to the Family Christian store and bought it.

The little boy had an appendix rupture a few years ago, and drs didnt know it, and his body was filled with poision for several days. He was literally at the brink of death. His family and church members were praying like crazy for him, and he survived. A few months later, he began telling his dad stories about heaven.. and relaying information that the majority of kids just wouldnt normally know. This caught his dad off guard (his dad is a pastor) and he was fascinated with things he told him. Basically they think he son took a trip to heaven, and came back.. didnt actually die, just too the trip and came back because his life was spared.

I wont ruin the book for anyone who is wanting to read it. But I HIGHLY recommend it. I dont usually do "book reviews" or encourage people to read certain books, but this may be an exception. This book moved me, in a real way. It gave me cold chills, several times. It gave me such a different outlook on things, especially Heaven. Did the little boy really visit Heaven? I guess no one can say for SURE.. but I choose to believe it. And now this little boy is being used by God to do amazing things, and I think that is just wonderful!!

To give you an idea of how good the book was.. I read it in one sitting. I sat down that evening after I had bought it, and read and read for a few hours, until I was done (to be fair.. its only 200-some pages and kindof an easy read.. but its just so good and I couldnt put it down!) And after hearing me tell bits and pieces of it, Arnold was intrigued and sat down to read it. He read it in one day!! This being the guy who does not like to read.. so yeah people.. its good. My sister-in-law is going to borrow it next, then I have a friend Ill be handing it on to.

So... my advice.. read it! Be blessed :)

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