Monday, April 18, 2011

Brooke's Spring Break Day #1

Today is the first day of Brooke's Spring Break! I guess the day has gone pretty good. I knew it was supposed to be good weather, so we went outside to play first thing this morning around 9am. It was still a little chilly so we had to go get jackets, but the kids didnt mind. They rode around on their toys all over the yard and driveway. Poor Rachel fell and scraped her knee up.. I think that was her first scraped knee. So pitiful! But I guess there is a first time for everything. We then went to the backyard to play, and while the kids were playing in the sandbox I read some, and FINALLY finished the book Ive been reading for weeks! For some reason it just took me forever to finish this one. I am ready to read the sequel now. Then I was pushing Rachel on the swing for awhile. I was watching the road, and this car goes slowly down the road. I didnt think much of it, but then a few minutes later it went down the road AGAIN. It was like the person was looking around, for what, I dont know! And im sure they saw us out there. I got that sick feeling in my stomach. Sometimes I hate being at home during the day alone.. you never know what could happen! After that I made us all go inside and play, and locked the doors. Thankfully we didnt see the car again, but if we do I will be pretty upset!! We sat at the kitchen table and did some easter crafts I had bought the other day.. just these easter foam shapes, and colored and decorated them with stickers and their names. Kids seemed to enjoy it and it kept them busy for awhile! We then had lunch, a few treats out of their easter baskets from yesterday, and read a bunch of books. They are now all 3 napping, and thats one of the perks of having Brooke home.. is that they can all nap HERE, at ONCE!! Horray for a little free time!!! ;)

Our easter crafts

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