Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deals for my Deals!

This past weeked I went to a bunch of yardsales and consignment sales with some friends. I LOVE to shop, especially for my kids, but being a Stay-at-home-Mom, I dont always have a lot of extra money to shop. SO.. going to these helps me satisfy my need to shop.. and I dont have to feel so guilty.. right?!?! Anyway, I went to one consignment sale with Joanne, and found a few things. And on Sat. morning I went to another one with Jess. it was half off day, and I didnt expect they would have much left, but I was pleasantly surprised! Jess was able to find baby Hunter a lot of cute things.. I even bought him a pack of bibs.. one which said "Mommys little cowboy".. so cute!! (I love shopping for friends' kids almost as much as my own ;) We also found a HUGE yardsale at this local highschool.. I didnt even see it listed in the paper, so I had no idea it was there until Joanne told me about it. Funny how some of the best things you find you werent even planning on! There were TONS of tables set up in the parking lot.. and boy did we find a lot of things. I would have bought more.. but after awhile i was running out of hands to hold things! I really should plan ahead in the future and take my own things to carry goodies in ;) Heres some of the things I found...

A few smocked dresses, for BOTH girls! This is one of my "things"when it comes to kids' clothes.. love, love, love them.. they are so precious! I found Rachel a purple/white one, a 2 pink ones, and Brooke a blue one. They will be pretty to wear to church, and on holidays :)

I found this cute little guy (girl?) for Rachel. Im so over stuffed animals, since they just take up space, but this was too cute! I figured it would look cute on the shelf at least, if Rachel didnt want to carry it around. So meet Ella the Elephant. PS..this is the ACTUAL elephant, I found this pic online when I searched for "stuffed pink elephant!" Crazy, right? (I cant find my camera right now!)

I found Brooke a cute cloth doll, except with brown hair. She loves to carry her around. She named her Sally.. not sure why.. LOL

Always a sucker for books! Found this one.. called "Where do Balloons Go?" Its by Jamie Lee Curtis. Really cute book, and cant go wrong for $1!

Yes, I even scored a few things for myself this time around. I found a purse just like this, except it has some black in it too. I really love it!

And I found this book.. basically brand new. One of my favorite authors. i was going to read this eventually, so it was a great find!

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