Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt

So I talked before about Mom and Dad taking the kids to an Easter thing this morning. It was a brunch w/ the Easter Bunny, and an egg hunt! I had taken over some cute outfits for the kids to wear because Mom said they would be taking pics there, plus, I just wanted them to look cute ;) I was hoping it would be really warm and sunny, but of course it was cloudy and chilly this morning.. They still wore their outfits but Mom put them in tennis shoes instead of sandals! But its all good ;) They said the kids had a great time, and were well-behaved. Im so relieved, because they have been really testing me lately. But isnt it true that kids act better for anyone but their parents?! I think so! Mom said the kids ate TWO plates of food.. haha.. so it must have been yummy. Then they had the egg hunt.. they all found a lot of eggs. I looked through their candy earlier and was hunting out anything I might want. Have to do it in secret though, because Caleb is very possessive of his stuff! ;) Brooke found the Silver Egg, which had $5 in it!!! (Ok, with the help of her Uncle Alex.. they said it was up a little too high for her ;) With that and her tooth money she really is racking up these days! Im sure she will want to go spend it soon. They also had facepainting, and Brooke got her face all decked out, looking like a bunny. Caleb got a little white bunny painted on his hand. They also got balloon animals/shapes made for them. I could tell they had the best time.. they couldnt stop talking about it. We were able to visit a little while when we picked them up, and my brother, Alex, is in town for the weekend since its Easter, so we got to see him too!

My little bunny! Complete w/ her missing tooth :)

Wearing her pretty dress for the egg hunt :)

Rachel was not going to smile, but had to get one of her too!

This is soo precious.. Rachel finally warmed up to her Uncle Alex! she doesnt get to see him too often.. so she usually runs away from him! But today she gave him a big hug!!! :)

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