Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun with Family

Saturday night we had Arnold's sister and my neice, Bekah come over. The kid always love getting to play with their cousin and I am thankful they live just down the road, we are able to see them pretty often!

We all had dinner together when they first got there. Arnold cooked us hamburgers, and we also had fries, mac & cheese, and salad. Oh and cookies for dessert! Very kid-friendly meal! Then we went outside to let the kids play for awhile. We decided to all go on a walk, and take Oreo and Pepper. I took Oreo and Arnold got Pepper. Well Oreo was feeling frisky and was dragging me down the road.. I could not keep up and I was running! I guess I got a good workout in, even if it was against my will ;) Arnold helped me out by putting Pepper back and taking Oreo for me ;)

When we got back to the house, Brooke's friend that lived across the street and her brother came over and played with them for a little bit. Their cousin was ALSO visiting, so he came too. Then we went inside and dyed Easter Eggs. we were a little late on getting around to doing that, but at least we did it! I found a cute kit for girls awhile back and had been holding on to it, and I kept meaning to find a "boyish" kit for Caleb, but never did, so.. Caleb ended up making princess eggs too ;) But he didnt mind.. as long as he dyed his eggs BLUE.. his very favorite color! That was actually the first time we have dyed eggs at home.. usually the kids do it with their grandparents at their house. Needless to say, we made a big mess. and there is a little staining on the kitchen counter :-/ Just another excuse to get new ones.. I have been wanting them forever!!! But anyway, the kids had a lot of fun, and they got into bed later than usual that night but it was ok.. they were exhausted and slept well!!

How sweet is this?!

Bekah trying to help Arnold walk Oreo ;)
Dying Easter Eggs!

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