Sunday, April 3, 2011

Brooke's MRI Info

We finally got that call yesterday.. about Brooke's up-coming MRI. Well.. actually, we got a call from a lady at the hospital saying she needed to give me all our prep information. And I told her that I didn't even know when her appt was! So THANKFULLY she knew what was going on, and told me that her MRI has been scheduled for April 15th.

Who says things dont happen for a reason? We had no say at all in what day or time that appt would be, and it ended up being on a Friday.. My mom is off work on Fridays, and so she will be able to watch Caleb and Rachel while Arnold and I both take Brooke to the appt. I am so incredibly relieved that we will both get to go. I want to be there for her, and I know I will need Arnold there for emotional support, because I will be a wreck.
So anyway, the test is scheduled at Levine's Children Hospital in Charlotte. We are supposed to get there at 12 noon, and the actual MRI will be at 1pm. They said to expect to be there around 4 hours.. so that is going to be a long day for us. Brooke cant have anything to eat after 6 am. After that she can have clear liquids until 10am, and NOTHING at all after that. Poor girl.. I can imagine that will be tough to go so long without something to eat, I know I get grouchy when I dont eat! They said only 1 parent can go back with her while she is getting her anestesia (sp?) and they will put her to sleep. Then Arnold and I have to wait in the waiting room while she has the test done. I guess I will be the one to go back with her at first, I am the protective Mama bear type so has to make sure that everything is ok. I know she will be ok, but I just hate that she is having to go through this. She is allowed to take a comfort object, which im sure will be one of her dolls. The woman warned me that most kids wake up crying, screaming, or really mean after they come to, they dont handle the medication well. SO that will be interesting. She said the best thing is just to let her sleep it off, and it will go away. I hate to think she will be so upset when she wakes up... But I guess we will deal with that when it comes.

I am glad to have this blog to write in and process through my feelings when Im going through times like these. I have so many thoughts running through my head. Why is she going through this? Will she grow out of it? Did I do something in my pregnancy that could have hurt her? What will the test be like for her? Will she be scared? How do I explain to her whats going on? Will she do ok being put to sleep? How will I feel that day? And most importantly-- WHAT will the test show? Will my daughter's brain be ok? Or will it show something is wrong that is causing these seizures, and we will have to go through another stressful couple of weeks deciding what to do next, and just try to process everything. This is just not what I expected to be dealing with when my daughter was FOUR years old! She should be a normal happy, carefree little girl like she always has been. I must be thankful that these seizures arent the "over the top" ones like some people have, where the violently thrash around and can harm themselves. But its still scary to hear her teacher retell the details of how she acted at school while going through one, and wondering what is going on???

Anyway-- I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts, prayers, and cards in the past several months since we first found out Brooke had epilepsy (and even before.. when they just "knew something was wrong." Ive been amazed at the kindness by so many people, and am overwhelmed at how many people love and care for my daughter, too. So.. THANK YOU. And please continue the prayers! pray for the test, our comfort, and GOOD results!!

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